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Dear Visitor,

Please ask your question related to disease and about homoeopathy


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  1. P. M.Manoj Ram says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is it possible to cure typhoid in homeopathy?
    In allopathy usually they have given 5 days of medicine course arrest the fever. I am not satisfied with that kind of treatment. Every one in my family tells that “in homeopathy it will take long time to cure. So please enlighten me about the treatment.



    • Dear manoj,
      It Is Posible,Typhoid is a Enteric fever -Homoeopathy works well in this fever,As you stated in allopathy medicine it will controll fever ,Its only Fever gets controlled that too after blood investigation which is positive only after 2nd week of the typhoid stage,But homoeopathy works symptomatically right from the begining stage of the fever.Homoeopathy not only get rid of fever it also takes care the damage caused by enteric fever.

      Try it you can feel the difference ,Even post fever weakness will not be present.

      Thanks & regards


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